67 MW Capitol District Energy Center Cogeneration Associates (“CDECCA”) Power Plant

Red Rock Power Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of the 67 MW Capitol District Energy Center Cogeneration Associates (“CDECCA”) Power Plant.  CDECCA is a natural gas fired combined cycle cogeneration plant located in downtown Hartford, Connecticut.  This power plant was owned by El Paso Merchant Energy (“El Paso”).

Red Rock Power Partners LLC entered into an exclusivity agreement with El Paso and subsequently partnered with Maxim Power Corp. of Calgary, Canada to finance the facility.  The transaction is subject to regulatory approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

CDECCA provides peaking power to the New England Power Market.  It also provides steam and chilled water to a major commercial customer and to the Hartford Capitol district heating network.

The prime mover is a General Electric Frame 6 B combustion turbine generator with a 22 MW Alsthom steam turbine generator.  Steam and chilled water are provided by centrifugal chillers and absorption chilling units driven by the wate exhaust gases from the combustion turbine generator.  The facility is dual fuel capable burning natural gas and No. 2 Fuel Oil as needed.

Red Rock seeks to increase its portfolio of power generating assets with a view to acquire additional assets in the North East and California power markets in 2006. Buz Barclay of Torys LLC provided legal counsel for the acquisition.

CDECCA      cdecca2

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